Empowering organisations to become more data driven by providing advice and cutting edge solutions for all your data needs.

“Providing a full stack solution to the data science needs of businesses.”

Generate profound insights from your data by working with our elite team of data science experts.
If you already have the right people, but need them to develop new skills, Data Science Perú has world-leading experts ready to provide you with bespoke programmes in statistics, data engineering and machine learning.
Have data, but not sure how to exploit it? Datascience Perú's team of data scientists can work with you to generate deep insights into your business problems.

Wilmer Fuentes Neira / senior Data Scientist
Data Strategy

Harness the power of your data to stay competitive and continue to innovate. We assess your current technology stack and provide strategic recommendations.

  • Dashboard development
  • Data Mining
$1900 /mo READ MORE
Data Science as a Service

Offload the overhead of your analytics function to us. We will manage the data, do the analysis, and provide visually stunning reports and metrics to you.

  • Dashboard development
  • Datawarehousing
  • Data Mining
$2900 /mo READ MORE
Data Innovation Lab

Gain deep insights and a better understanding of your data through cutting-edge analysis and exploratory data science. Use our team of experts to get innovative and creative solutions.

  • Dashboard development
  • Datawarehousing
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
$4900 /mo READ MORE

In Silicon Valley, the data science community is already mature. In Perú, we are still getting started. There is so much potential: untapped talent, burgeoning demand, and huge unexamined datasets. Data Science is the EMEA-based leader in data innovation. We specialise in data exploration, data science as a service, advanced analytics, predictive analytics and data engineering.

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To unlock the power of data in gaining competitive advantage, we help organisations to make sense of the data, big and small. We believe firmly in providing innovative, simple and easy to implement solutions that generate business value.

We offer a comprehensive package of bespoke services include consulting, training and sourcing outstanding data specialists from our very own data science fellows and community.